Below are the most popular services but if you don’t see what you need or would like something more bespoke, get in touch and we can discuss what’s best for you.

All services can be either face to face or virtual- or even a mix depending on location and whether you prefer to shop on the high street or in stores with less of a physical presence.

Subscription services available for those who want regular updates to their wardrobe

Please do also get in touch re corporate events –  I am an award winning public speaker

  • Style, Shape, and Shades

    Do you wish you could shop with a better understanding of what suits you? Do you want to understand the building blocks of style, how to dress for your body shape and what colours suit you best?

    This package gives you the tools and knowledge to shop with more consideration and confidence so you make better choices, saving you time sand money in the long run.

  • Colour Confidence

    Love turquoise or magenta but then remind yourself there's safety in black or grey? Ever find you veer towards the same colours but aren’t really sure if they actually suit you? Love the idea of a colour clash but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you’ll get a compliment for wearing a specific colour but not necessarily understand why?

  • Edit My Wardrobe

    How many of us find that it doesn’t matter how many clothes we have or buy, we still stand there and declare ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’? Often this is because our best pieces are hiding in plain sight amongst all the items we are holding on to for the wrong reasons. We also tend to buy items without an understanding of how to blend them into our existing wardrobe, which can make them redundant, and in turn make getting dressed a frustrating experience.

  • Personal Shopping

    Love clothes but hate shopping? Find it all overwhelming? Has the rise in online retailer made it all even more confusing? Always go to the same shops and buy the same things regardless?

    Whether you are looking for a whole capsule wardrobe, specific outfits for a new season, work clothes, the perfect jeans or a wedding outfit, help is at hand.

  • The Full Works

    Do you feel like what you see in the mirror doesn't reflect the real you anymore? Is it time to invest in yourself and your image? Are you ready to go on a real journey of discovery that will lead you to not just a new set of flattering clothes, but the tools and confidence to maintain your new image?

  • Style Socials

    Get together with your friends/family over a glass (or two!) of your favourite tipple and have your 'wow' colours and style personality defined as well as learn how to dress for your body shape. Bringing with items that you love/don't wear/aren't sure about, will be a great way to start the conversation!

    Everyone receives a set of guidelines they can keep handy on their phone, ready for the next shopping trip!