Frequently asked questions

If you don’t see your questions represented below, just get in touch, we are always happy to hear from you!

What is a style coach™? How is it different to other types of personal stylists?

There are lots of different services out there that offer image makeovers, wardrobe de-clutters and personal shopping. As a style coach™ I offer a more holistic service than just a 'makeover' As well as giving you the tools and confidence to dress with style, we also explore self image more deeply so that what you see in the mirror also reflects how you feel about yourself. Otherwise you will have lots of great clothes but not necessarily believe that you look great in them!

How does the wardrobe edit work? What if I struggle with getting rid of things?

The idea of the edit is to streamline your wardrobe so you can see the items that fit and suit you best. This also makes room for new items to join once gaps in your wardrobe have been identified. However, this doesn't mean you have to throw things away if you don't want to! A good clear-out will be inevitable but whether you sell unsuitable items, give them to charity, throw them way or put them in the loft is absolutely up to you.

What if I don’t have lots of money to spend on clothes?

If you book a personal shopping trip, I will work to your budget so there is no pressure to spend a particular amount. The cost of the session is the same whether you want to spend £100 or £1000. Obviously, if you are paying for a personal shopping service it makes sense to want to save up for a number of key items in order to get the most value out of the session. However, where we go to shop is completely flexible.

I'm happy with my day to day style but just need help finding a one off outfit for a big event. Is this something you do?

Yes, if you are looking for a special outfit (wedding, job interview, party etc) then yes please do get in touch!

Can I have a shopping trip whenever I need a re-fresh?

Yes of course! You can book a shopping trip as often as you require. This could be a seasonal re-fresh, or every time you feel your lifestyle requires a new set of outfits.

How do I know which service I need?

'Colour Confidence' is the entry level service and focuses solely on what combinations of shades and tones are best for you. If you need more guidance around your personal style and dressing for your shape, then I recommend the 'Colour, shape and shades' package.

Wardrobe Edits and Personal shopping can be standalone or in combination with the above. If you are feeling like you've lost your style mojo, I recommend not doing these in isolation as it's important to build style confidence around body shape and image before we start to work out what you need and go shopping.

Is there a fun informal way of getting some style tips with my friends?

My Style Socials are perfect for those who want to dip their toe in the water, They are extremely cost effective and a maximum of 6 of you can get together to better understand your colours, dressing for your body shape and your style personality. This is essentially a lighter version of our Style, Shapes and Shades service.