Experience true freedom by bringing your whole and authentic self wherever you go

I’m Jodie; author, Style Coach and speaker

Whether you want an inspiring read, personal styling services or someone to motivate your audience, my brand The Styling Works is here to help.

Through all of the avenues above, my goal is to increase your confidence by giving you the tools to:

  • Define and express your style in a way that give you swagger every day
  • Shop with renewed focus and purpose
  • Save money by thinking cohesive outfits, not items

I don’t believe in fleeting makeovers but instead prefer to give you the knowledge that will ensure you make better decisions longer term. I truly believe we all get better with age.

In the words of Ru Paul: ‘When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do

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Does thisSound familiar?

A cartoon speech bubble
  • I have nothing to wear, no matter how many clothes I buy!
  • I often feel what I wear doesn't reflect who I am as a person
  • I see clothes I like, but then think 'I could never pull that off'
  • I think darker colours are a safer choice as then I don't stand out
  • I have nothing to wear, no matter how many clothes I buy!

Find out your wardrobe personality by taking my quiz

Is your clothing space more wonderland or warzone? Are you a ruthless culler or a reminiscent hoarder? Do you prioritise leggings or lamé? Denim or diamante? Find out what it all means right now!

There are six personalities – which is yours? The personalities are also discussed in more detail in my book so if you enjoy the quiz, do get yourself a copy.

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What others are saying about us

Jodie's passion and instinct for style was clear from the moment we met. She guided me through the process with understanding and patience, helping me identify the right clothes and colours for my body shape and skin tone. I've not felt so good in years - she's amazing
LucieMarch 2021
Working with Jodie has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She really took the time to understand the look I want (but have failed to create myself!). She was kind and supportive and has really helped me make the most of my body shape. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable
L. ClarkeApril 2021
Before I met Jodie, I wanted to hibernate, and wore big clothes to hide my frame. She gave me guidance on body shape, colour and helped me purchase new outfits. I can now hold my head up high and receive compliments. I've got my confidence and va-va-voom back. Thank you Jodie!
Jane HMarch 2021
Jodie totally opened my eyes to what colours work for me (and against me!) and it has revolutionised my wardrobe. Jodie knows exactly how to piece multiple items together to create outfits that make the most of my body shape. I will definitely be back next season!
ClaudiaApril 2021