I’m Jodie Gillary, a professional Style CoachTM and founder of The Styling Works. I specialise in helping women of all ages re-discover their style mojo and self image.

Whilst personal styling has always been my passion, it wasn’t always my career. I have spent 20 years working in marketing and branding, understanding the motivations behind shopping decisions across all sorts of product areas and building strong brands. Over the years, my office outfits gained as many compliments as my work so I decided to pursue my dream and subsequently graduated with honours as a professional style coach to put my people and branding skills to a more personal use.

I have an eclectic, quirky, and ever evolving style but consistent though is my love for colour, pattern, and studs. And, as a permanent glasses wearer, statement eye wear has become my ultimate accessory!

People often tell me how confident I must be to love standing out in a crowd. The truth is actually the opposite in that clothes have always been my armour, especially when I was younger and really struggled with my self esteem. Making bolder choices and standing out was a shortcut to confidence for me and now that I’m older and happier in myself, that armour has become a second skin and expressing myself through my clothes is just part of who I am. My aim is to instill that confidence in others through finding their own style and knowing how to curate great outfits, every, single, day. Great style is for everyone.

When I’m not style coaching, I’m also a wife and a mum to a seven year old. Like most of us, I’m juggling work, school run, family, and friends, so I know first hand how hard it can be to make time for yourself. You won’t ever regret investing in yourself though. You’re worth it.